A lifetime of memories can be ruined by choosing the wrong dry cleaner to treat and preserve your cherished wedding gown.

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We at Aron Specialist Dry Cleaners are specialists in cleaning beaded and formal gowns, including wedding gowns and accessories. With over 35 years in business, we are renowned for our competitive pricing, yet expert handling of wedding gowns. All wedding gowns go through a step by step approach to ensure the best results:

All wedding dresses are inspected prior to dry cleaning; to identify stains or repairs.

Your dress will then go to the spotting area to be treated for specific stain removal and the hems and underskirt(s) treated for mud, grass and general ground dirt; this process takes between one and two hours.

After pre-treating, your gown will be cleaned in one of two specialist dry cleaning machines depending on which solvent the operator deems suitable for your individual dress.

Your dress will then be re-inspected for any marks that may have become visible after going through the cleaning process. The whole cycle will be repeated until the operator is happy that the optimal result has been achieved; then the dress is steam pressed, ready for delivery to you.

We look forward to providing you with our superior services. Bring your wedding dress for a free examination and quote.


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