A Genuine suede and leather requires special processing to preserve finish, feel and color. Therefore, you should take your garment to a professional suede and leather cleaner equipped for this type of cleaning. Aron Specialist Dry Cleaners work directly with a local company that has specialised in Leather, Suede, and Fur care for many years. Our unique relationship with this company allows us to offer the finest services to our clients.

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It is important to know that when cleaning skins, all pieces of a multi-piece outfit must be processed at the same time since there cannot be a guarantee that they will match after cleaning if processed seperately.

Although we inspect your garments thoroughly before processing, we appreciate you advise us if you have particular stains or spots of concern, whether visible or not. This provides us with the inforamtion to determine the best process to perform on your garment.

Most leather and suede garments will clean beautifully when processed by a professional suede and leather cleaner. However, there are some exceptions, due to the quality and/or condition of the skins. The information below will educate you on conditions that may arise from cleaning or could cause limited success when cleaning suede and leather garments.

The cost of treating your leather or suede garment is dependent on a number of factors such as condition, colour fading, skin defects, and dyes. Please bring it into one of our shops so that we can accurately quote you the cost of cleaning your leather or suede garment.


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