A valuable item like a fur should only be handled by the best professionals. It is critical that a fur is stored properly and there are many websites that provide such information.

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Professional storage during the summer months is most important to protect your fur from insects, heat damage, oxidation or mildew. Fur vaults specifically designed to protect the lasting quality of a fur garment offer temperature, humidity, and light-controlled environments. Air exchange is carefully regulated and temperatures are kept below 50? Fahrenheit with a constant humidity level of 50%. No cupboard in your home can duplicate these conditions adequately.

When not in storage, it is critical that you maintain the condition of the coat. Bring it to us at Aron Specialist Dry Cleaners and we will ensure that your coat will look at its best. A furrier will examine your items carefully for any necessary repairs. Loose linings will be sewn and worn fastenings replaced. Most important, your items will be conditioned at this time. Dirt and destructive pollutants are removed during the conditioning process while the leather sides of the items are revitalised by restoring necessary oils. This process will not shrink, discolour or change the shape of the fur. After conditioning, the fur is then glazed - a process that restores the sheen and lustre and results in shinier and softer fur.

It is a time consuming process and quite costly, but why risk a few pounds and go to an inferior service provider when your fur could be worth several thousand pounds.

For peace of mind, bring your garment(s) in for a free inspection and quote before you make a decision.


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